ROS Resources: Documentation | Support | Discussion Forum | Service Status | Q&A The System is Down

For a couple days, gives this very grammatical message:

ROS Answers is in the maintenance, please come back later

Is there a time frame for bringing it back up?

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Please see for more info.

The information on the status page is completely incorrect though:

… degraded performance expected for a day or two …

But the page is actually completely unavailable for a much longer time.

The latest status is available in the “Update” on the incident as linked or on the main page.

Unfortunately we cannot edit the title of the incident after it’s started, we’ll learn to make the title less specific in the future. :roll_eyes:

Real talk: “some entries in the database were corrupted”. How bad is it?

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In the meantime, is pretty useful. :slightly_smiling_face: