Anyone using roslaunch to load remote nodes?


Is anyone using roslaunch remote ? If so what are your git status’s ?
I based every thing on Yocto branch morty.

When I ecxecute a rosluanch file to launch some nodes on remote machines I get

started roslaunch server
remote[Computer_3-0] starting roslaunch
remote[Computer_3-0]: creating ssh connection to Computer_3:22
remote[Computer_3-0]: failed to launch on ROW3:

pycrypto is not installed

[Computer_3-0] killing on exit 

there must be some inconsistencies in the checked out versions and branches I am using.

But what is the right combination of things ?
what is working for you ?

python-pycrypto is not present in meta-python before a625494863b70f13ca29b4b0322fbfd5a8a073d9@meta-openembedded
and that commit is not yet present in branch: morty

  • What are you doing ?
  • Is it advisable to back port python-pycrypto ?
  • or hack my way out of it with a .bb or .bbappend ?

I prefer to stay on the morty branch since it’s the current Yocto version.
I tried a checkout of master@meta-openembeded but that spawned a zillion python errors

BR. Lars Larsen

here is my git status’s:

meta-yocto-bsp    = "morty:6a1f33cc40bfac33cf030fe41e1a8efd1e5fad6f"
meta-linaro       = "morty:69a8bac680362906c9d261424c62749f7e555ca2"
meta-ros          = "master:8a3adc1a6542f2c8a40b36021a78dc1057e3ed08"
meta-overloads    = "develop:fe0c15311c1d38698e57556c0da869743d7c91e9"
meta-python       = "morty:fe5c83312de11e80b85680ef237f8acb04b4b26e"

ROSLAUNCH will use the local scripts. At least, everything is working properly, and you are informed of the problem.

First, try to install pycrypto via pip.

If pip do not find it for your target, take the source and compile it for your target, make a packet and spread it across your devices.

thanks, but that is not an option for me.
I’m working with an embedded system, there is not such thing as installing on the target
I need a complete distributable image on build.

If you think so, then you have to redo your software without pycrypto.

if you are using Yocto, then, it is a linux distribution. Probably using the Intel Edison. You can cross-compile the library or compile it directly on the Edison.

If you do not understand what I am telling, then change your board and take a more flexible board like an Odroid or a RPi.

Hi Alexis

I understand you, but - there is NO compiling or installing on the target, all building must be handled by bitbake.
Just grabbing an other board is not an option either, the hardware is a prerequisite, an Intel Atom PC-board MACHINE=genericx86.

I’m trying to work out an entire new framework for an existing product, and trying to employ ROS to gain some flexibility, I ran into this problem when experimenting with roslaunch off remote nodes.

It is roslaunch that employ pycrypto when SSH’ing to the remote node, so I kind’a can’t redo that part.

I hope there is a combination of git commits that works, or am I stepping in to uncharted land here ? ( I doubt it though !)
PS: as a side note: Using roslaunch with local nodes works like a dream, so maybe I should just drop the idea of remote launches ?

Check out UP board for an x86 Atom. It was a solid choice for my ROS

Hi Mario
I don’t have any freedom in choosing hardware, it has been done elswhere in the organisation, I must make do with what I have


Remote roslaunch requires both pycrypto and paramiko to be installed in order to use SSH.

I think the best course of action would be to do something similar to what @mpthompson did in this commit, but for pycrypto and paramiko.


that’s an obvious way,
I will look into that