Apriltags for ROS2?

As of today, how would you suggested to use Apriltags in ROS2?

Background issue:

It looks like the problem there is that the upstream maintainers are not yet willing to accept the pull request that would port the package to ros2. The solutions I can think of would be:

  • People who want to use christian-rauch’s branch can build from source (which seems to be what is currently happening)
  • Upstream maintainers could change their minds, merging in the code and then doing the ROS2 release process
  • End-users could create their own .deb from source, which can be installed to whatever robots need the package
  • Given that this is such a different set of code than what is currently in the repo, it would be reasonable for christian-rauch to release their own code via the ROS2 release process under its own repository (this may be the best option)

We’ve built christian-rauch’s branch from source for a CPU based version of AprilTag.

There is a hardware accelerated AprilTag we provide for ROS2 Humble which runs >7x faster on Jetson platforms than the CPU version.



We ended up using christian-rauch’s branch too.

We also built a ros2 topic to visualise the marker poses in augmented reality on the camera feed. I will try to send a pull request, to open source this feature.

There is a discussion as to which is preferable to be released GitHub - christianrauch/apriltag_ros: ROS2 node for AprilTag detection or feat: ros2 porting by wep21 · Pull Request #114 · AprilRobotics/apriltag_ros · GitHub.
I would like to ask the community users about it because I and christian-rauch think quite different about ros repository.

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