Audrow Nash to step down from hosting the Sense, Think, Act podcast

Hi Everyone,

We have some bittersweet news. @audrow is moving on to the next phase of his podcasting career and will be stepping down as the host of the OSRF’s Sense, Think, Act podcast. Under Audrow’s masterful leadership and hosting, Sense, Think, Act has become one of the premier places to hear interviews with leaders in the world of robotics.

The OSRF is sincerely grateful to Audrow for giving Sense, Think, Act a powerful start through his hard work and dedication to interviewing a stellar range of individuals in the wide field of robotics, including Dave Coleman, Ryan Garipy, Steve Macenski, Brett Aldrich, Melonee Wise, and Matt Robinson. Topics discussed have included robot navigation, robot ethics, STEM education, manufacturing, scanning warehouse inventory, and so much more. Audrow’s interviews have been informative and thought-provoking, and he has helped to make the field of robotics more accessible to a broader audience.

Audrow’s new podcast, The Audrow Nash Podcast, is available here, and here, and we encourage you all to check it out and subscribe! It’s sure to be a fantastic and educational show, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. If you want to stay up to date on Audrow’s latest works you can follow him on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Please stay tuned for exciting new content to come from Sense, Think, Act! In the meantime, existing episodes will remain available. If you haven’t listened to them yet, we encourage you to do so! We believe they’re very educational and inspirational to all in the robotics community.


Best wishes Audrow! Looking forward to where Sense, Think, Act goes moving forward!


@audrow best of luck

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All the best Audrow .

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One of my early listening choices was with @facontidavide where Audrow chose ramen :ramen: making as an example for behavior tree app. It was that very moment my already-strong support for this podcast has become permanent. Looking forward to future (and slurpier if possible) development from both @audrow and STA.


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