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Autoware Maps WG: Meeting Minutes 1 Aug 2019

The Autoware Maps and Map Formats Working Group Meeting, held on 1 August 2019 (see Autoware Maps and Map Formats working group: Meeting minutes 24 July 2019)

We evaluated 4 possible simulators for their compatibility with maps.

that we considered under the following criteria:

  • map support - are maps supported?
  • diversity of formats - multiple formats?
  • import/export
  • extensibility/openness

During the discussion that followed we did a comparative evaluation of the various simulators and scored them as follows:


Scale (1=bad 5=good)

Criteria Gazebo Carla LGSVL Cognata
Map support? 2 3 4 4
Diversity of formats? 1 2 (OpenDRIVE) 3 3
Export/import 1 1 2 ?
Extensibility/Open? 5 4 2 1
Total 9 10 11 ?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the working group did not recommend any specific simulator, but Carla and LGSVL are more suitable in the short term due to being able to load maps.

At the next meeting @mitsudome-r and @simon-t4 agreed to present the ongoing work by Tier4 to support OSM XML and Lanelet2. Please vote for the time of the next meeting.

The following meeting will review map use cases - with a view to deriving maps requirements - from the following perspectives:

  • OpenPlanner + objection detection + prediction - @Hatem
  • Traffic regulation - @simon-t4
  • Semantic map localisation - @oscar
  • LanesPlanner - @mitsudome-r
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I suggest we use Cockburn’s use case template as recommended by @gbiggs in Lanelet2 ROS Message Design.

@Brian_Holt Thanks for the minutes summary. Regarding Cognata export/import criteria, From what I understand you can import from OpenDrive and DriveWorks formats, and Cognata is willing to develop other file proxies for requested formats. When building they typically read in a supported HD map format and construct their own 3D map with their own HD map format. I am unsure if Cognata can export the result to OpenDrive. I recommend a similar ranking to LGSVL and Carla in that category.

Votinh is now closed for the meeting time, it is scheduled for Friday, August 9, 2019 1:00 PM

Brian Holt is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Autoware Map Data Working Group #4
Time: Aug 9, 2019 02:00 PM London

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Thank you for holding the meeting!
Here is the presentation about Lanelet2 integration to v1.13

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The link to the cloud recording of the meeting is here:.

Hi all and @Brian_Holt.
My name is Alon. I’m a software simulation engineer at Foretellix,
an Israeli based Start-Up that tackles the issues regarding AV safety verification.

I’m very interested in Autoware in general and in this WG specifically
Hopefully i will be able to contribute ASAP to one of the WG.

Now here is my question:
It seems that the video recording you linked is from the last meeting (9/8) and i can’t find the recording about the simulations from 2/8. where can i find it plz?

Best regards

Hi @alonSheader and welcome to the Autoware community! You’re very welcome to join the next meeting, I’ve just posted details.

Apologies for not putting up the recording for the simulator presentations. Here is it: It was really late at night and I think I just forgot to do so.

haha that’s alright

thank you!