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Badges for ROS/ROS2 contributors

Hi there, badges are a great way for open source contributors to promote their contributions and competence. Probably one should reward contributors to ROS/ROS2 with such a badge. What do you think about creating badges (e.g. based on the Open Badges Standard) for ROS/ROS2?


That sounds like a neat idea, but where would these be displayed?

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Would this just integrate into the set of badges we have here on discourse?

Or something more visible like a group-flair for user avatars?


It’s really a good way to motivate contributors’ self-satisfaction, as well a good way to sale the contributors for the future career.

sounds good to me, thanks for bring this up!

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E.g. on LinkedIn

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For hosting Open Badges people usually use . Probably there is a way to integrate it.

That’s a very nice idea @fkromer. Do you have several categories of badges in mind, or how do you envision it happening?

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There are quite a few platforms: Badge platforms - Badge Wiki However the badges themselves are independent of the platforms they are managed with.

There are a lot of opportunities of how one could categorize.

  • One possible way would be to categorize w.r.t. levels of abstractions of a robotic system (robot, network, …).
  • W.r.t. different kinds of “robots” (SCARA-Robot, UAV, etc.).
  • W.r.t. development workflow (design, implementation, testing)

I don’t envision something happening. I just had a stupid idea again. :slight_smile: