ROS French user group creation

As discussed with some French ROS user, we might use a common space to support projects of the French ROS community and raise awareness of Open Source Robotics in our country.

This is the blurb for the group:

Bienvenue dans le groupe francophone. Ce groupe a pour objectifs de promouvoir les événements, les projets et les actualités liés à la robotique open-source. Nous avons déjà eu la chance d’avoir des événements pour parler de nos différents projets utilisant ROS et j’espère que d’autres suivront. Je vous invite à venir discuter ici, quel que soit votre niveau de connaissance de ROS. Ce groupe est ouvert à toutes les personnes francophones pour montrer l’importance de notre communauté au sein de la communauté ROS.


This would be great. Could you get a couple more people to express interest in this thread who will plan to start some discussions and read it regularly to help kick start the community?

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I am interested in taking part in this group.
On a side note, there are already plenty of professional group of ROS user like inside the GDR robotique. Last year JONAROS,, was a very nice community event (with somebody from OSRF. I hope there will be another this year


Count me in as well :slight_smile:
I haven’t been working much with ROS last year, and hasn’t changed much.
But if anyone in FR is interested about it, I’d be happy to talk (online or around a coffee) about how it works, the challenges I faced interfacing ROS1 and python, and how pyros overcome them.

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Interested too here. There is a important community of ROS users in French research labs.

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Hi, I am interested too and just posted the annoucement of ROSCon Fr 2019.


I attended JONAROS last year, which I found very productive.
So I am interested as well to be part of this group

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@JimmyDaSilva FYI this year JONAROS becomes ROSCon Fr


Yes thanks! I saw the announcement on GDR mails list.
I will try to come again to show some new ROS + drone usage!
I hope we can see your new robot doing a backflip after reaching the top of the stair this year! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @olivier-stasse,
I saw the news about ROSCon FR.
I have a question: will the event be in English or French language?
I saw the website and since it is in French I think that also the ROSCon FR will be in French, but it is not specified anywhere.

I’m the R&D Engineer that works on ROS/ROS2 for Stereolabs.
I’m interested in attending the event, but I’m Italian and French could be a problem :roll_eyes:

Thank you

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Dear Walter,
Thank you very much for this very interesting remark.
It is primarly dedicated to a French audience to ease the communication.
However the two keynote speakers will be probably English speaker.

If many foreigners want to come we could evaluate the cost of having a French to English translator (case 1).
Or the other way around an English to French translator (case 2).

Last year for JONAROS we had some requests for case 1 and none for case 2. But it was not so many people, so if others show some interest we can arrange something.

Note that this will probably have an impact on the registration fee, depending on the sponsors.


Hello Ludovic,

Nice to see there are also users here. I hope to see more users coming in

PS: we met at multiple events at IPA in Stuttgart


Thanks for all the interest. I’ve created a group at:

Please help get the conversation kicked off there.


If you make it in English or provide a French->English translator then I’d love to attend! :slight_smile:

@tfoote Based on discussion at
Is it possible to perform the following changes to the France User Group category?

  • rename the “ROS France User Group” to “ROS Francophone User Group” in order to address the entire French speaking community
  • add this logo to the group like it’s done for some other user groups



I got you, thanks for the modifications! Let me know if you need more changes.