Discourse category for Human-Robot Interaction

hi there!

Following the official launch of the open REP-155 aka ROS4HRI during ROSCon, I got multiple requests from interest parties to discuss new ideas/REP refinements/porting of existing nodes to ROS4HRI.

It seems to me that discourse.ros.org would be the right place to host those discussion – would it make sense to create a ‘ROS for Human-Robot Interaction’ category, to act as a hub?

Not sure who is responsible for creating new categories, though… @tfoote?


I think that a category on ROS discourse likely makes sense.

This is the right place to propose that. In the proposal, the main thing to do is to confirm that a category versus using a tag is the right thing to do. To that end we want to generally demonstrate that this is a category that will have a critical mass and sustain community conversation on the topic.

We don’t have a formal process for proposing categories, but you can see some past discussions:

And we do have a semi-formalized way for creating new user groups which is a good releated process to consider paralleling.

I’d like to see a proposal of the About post for the category and others who express interest in being active contributors to the category.