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Buying a second hand Turtlebot or affordable mobile platform

Does anybody know where I could buy a second hand Turtlebot?

I am hoping to buy a Turtlebot 3 waffle but without the RealSense camera (I already have access to one). This will help to save costs.
Alternatively, a TurtleBot 2 is also fine.

I looked into other alternatives like the iRobot Create 2 but they do not ship outside of the USA.

Hi RoboLady.

For the Turtlebot 3, you may be able to purchase individual parts (look at the bottom of the page):

For the Turtlebot 2, you can purchase individual parts from the Dabit Industries website:

Thank you! This is very helpful

You can buy a used TurtleBot 2 from eBay.


Newly, the TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi, which is a low-cost-version of the TurtleBot3 Waffle, is being ready to be afforded in the market place

Don’t hesitate to look at!