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Call for maintainers for some RQt packages!

Hello all! I am sending out a feeler for anyone interested in acting as maintainer of some RQt packages. The following packages’ listed maintainers are no longer able to play as active a role in code maintenance for ROS/ROS 2 as they once did. I’m looking at Noetic specifically, using this list ROS packages for Noetic - 2021-04-08 11:12:04 -0800,

(I believe it is similar/identical for Foxy/Galactic/Rolling, does anybody know if this page exists for ROS 2 distros? Theoretically you can have different maintainers for ROS vs ROS 2, though the same would be more ideal)

So if these RQt packages are something that you rely on and want to see having new releases / merged bugfixes / etc. …

to step forward into maintainership!


I am currently maintaining rqt_moveit and rqt_robot_monitor (for ROS1 and ROS2).
I would like (having no problems) to take over the maintenance for a few more packages.



I could help in maintaining some ros-visualization/rqt packages. I have also experienced some maintenance problems with ros-teleop packages in the past, so I would like to help there too. Just throwing it here in case you have some affiliation/authority with that organization. :slight_smile:


I can’t commit to active/responsive maintenance but am happy to give a hand for the ROS 1 versions as they have little traffic. And I’ll also happily bloom all the ones that have pending Python3 fixes for Noetic if it can help them making it over the finish line

Are we tracking this somewhere, like a spreadsheet? I don’t have time to maintain a package but I could keep re-posting this notice until we get everything covered.

Not yet but that’s a good idea! I’ll start one.

As a note: I don’t actually have write access to any of these packages, so I can’t personally merge any package.xml changes or add write permissions for new maintainers, but I wanted to get the conversation started in order to compile a list of changes to request from those with access :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m new here and don’t have a lot of experience maintaining packages but I’d like to help out!


Hello all, I’m planning to remove myself as maintainer from the following packages and mark them unmaintained unless we can track down a new maintainer. Thanks for all the interest in the other packages so far!

Can you make an announcment at the TSC meeting? I’ll allocate you one minute. I’ll also shake the social media tree to see what I can find.

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Hi Aaron,

I’d be happy to maintain the rqt_robot_plugins - rqt_robot_steering, rqt_runtime_monitor, rqt_robot_dashboard and rqt_nav_view.

It’ll be my first time maintaining a ROS package, but I’m familiar with both ROS and code maintenance individually.

Please let me know how I can help!



Hi everyone,
I was also wondering about the outcome of this thread.
So at this point, I would just like to offer my help again.
I have no specific favorite when it comes to the packages from the list that I would like to maintain, so I could take over a few, of course.

I hope that this time we can go through with the distribution of the maintainer roles :slight_smile:



To follow up here, we had a number of folks open PRs to a number of the packages in the original list, hence the follow up list I posted today being shorter. If anyone is interested in maintaining of those I posted please don’t hesitate to open a PR adding yourself as a maintainer and add me as a reviewer.

Thanks all for the responses!

Update → Thanks to Arne & Srishtidh for stepping up and as maintainers on the packages I mentioned!

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