Call for testing: testing the SDK feature in meta-ros

Hi all,

a few months ago, Dominique Hunziker provided a pull request to the meta-ros main-line repository, which adds support for the SDK feature and allows users to compile on the target system.

I already merged a few commits from this pull request that just cleaned up various recipes in meta-ros and recently, I also included some changes from @rojkov that made Dominique’s pull request work properly with the python3 feature (ROS_USE_PYTHON3 = “yes”).

So now, the remaining commits for this feature are ready to be finally merged. I rebased them and opened a new pull request here:

I already tested the building all packages in meta-ros, i.e., bitbake core-image-ros-world, with and without USE_ROS_PYTHON3 = "yes" on the recent master.
So, I know that the basics work as before, and to me personally, that is sufficient to merge it.

However, I cannot find the time to actually test these new features, because I am busy with other activities. Still I know that these features are important to a number of meta-ros users.

Hence, I need now some help testing these features from users that are either actively using those features already or already asked about those features in meta-ros in the past or might need them in the feature.

My plan is to collect user feedback in the next two weeks. If we do not identify any blocking issues that require improvements with this pull request in the next two weeks, I would then merge these features in meta-ros.

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Hi all,

I did not get any feedback from anyone to my Call for Testing two weeks ago. Is there someone who needs this feature and has at least some time to test it now?


Thanks to all the developers and users testing the nativesdk support, namely dominiquehunziker, Minipada and flplv (that is their github names).

We now merged this feature and the indigo branch (master) should now provide basic nativesdk support. Next steps will be to include some further extensions that Minipada created and that must go through some review and testing, and to provide a new kinetic branch that is based on the current master with the nativesdk support (this is currently work in progress on my side).