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Catkin_pip v0.2 released

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I just released the latest version of catkin_pip.
After about a year working on it on and off, I ended up with a reliable way to use pip from catkin.
It will be in the next indigo & kinetic sync.

It is a set of cmake scripts to enable you to use usual python packages in ROS directly, without modification.
Python packages that follow Python Packaging User Guide only need a CMakeLists.txt and a package.xml, and you are ready to use them with catkin (build for devel, install, and as ROS packages) .

This makes depending on python packages much easier (no need to fork => less maintenance effort), and enables deploying existing python packages as ROS packages via a Third Party Release.

More details in the documentation :

I advise you try it out, if the basic catkin workflow doesn’t mix well with your python code.

So does this just wrap the Python ‘build system’ with CMake so catkin can use it?

Can this be used inside of an existing C++ package to allow use of Python with entrypoints and such within the same package?

Cool stuff.

This is targetted at python packages.

To mix n match C++ and Python, either you :

  • put C++ inside python and build it with catkin_pip as a normal python workflow.
  • put python inside C++ and build it with catkin as a normal catkin workflow
  • make two packages, one C++ with catkin and one python with catkin_pip, and have some API in between ( ROS or bindings ) which is probably the easiest for ROS devs.

Good luck !