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Python with ROS

Hi everyone,

Apparently there is still no “python” category or tag yet in discourse… despite all the drawbacks in ROS python workflow coming from a standard python development workflow.
So I was wondering if I am really alone doing dynamic “modern” python2 in ROS1 ?

I have been working for a bit more than a year now to get decent, dynamic, modern, python integration with ROS, and I wanted to get the word out and get a bit of feedback from potential users.

So if you are interested by integrating dynamic languages with ROS1 you can have a look at some of the most useful packages :

All these use rospy underneath, so all usual features are still available, and your usual ROS still works in the same way.

However recent python standard workflow and conventions apply so we get all the benefits from recent python2 and tools improvements.

Anyone interested ? Any potentially useful feature missing from there ? Just let me know.