CoP Aerial ROS CWG, subcommittees and presentations

Hi all!

This is a call for participation to contribute to the Aerial ROS community working group! I’ve made a form where you can give your interest in two types of contributions that you could do:

  • If you’d like to join a subcommittee and what level you can contribute to them
  • If you’d like to give a presentation about your project (hobby or professional) during our scientific meetings.

The current list of proposed subcommittees are:

  • 3D outdoor navigation* subcommittee (formerly known as 3D planning)
  • Documentation subcommittee* (aka Aerial landscape development)
  • 3D indoor navigation subcommittee
  • Simulation Subcommittee
  • Standard development/research drone sub-committee
  • Communication standard subcommittee
  • Content and tutorial subcommittee
  • Safety subcommittee

Starred are the groups that have already started some form of development.