Summer 2023 Meetings Aerial Robotics

Hi all!

Seems like summer has officially arrived! But perhaps a bit too strong of an entry looking at the weather :sweat_smile:

Anyway, we will be having a meeting next week:

Meeting link
Also see the community calendar

There will be a scientific meeting with a presentation by Alejandro Hernández Cordero about his ROS 2 project vehicle gateway to interface different vehicle SDK’s such as PX4 and Betaflight.This will last 20-30 minutes with time to discuss the work afterwards.

We will then have a month break and return on August 16th (still needs to be updated on the calender), which will be a discussion meeting again. The topic to be discussed will be picked next week as well from our usual list:


Join the last meeting before the summer break!

Hi all!

Thanks Alejandro for your great presentation! Here a recording of the last meeting

Here are the transcripts and slides presented
snn-qapb-obz (2023-07-05 16_05 GMT+2) - Transcript.pdf (171.3 KB)
vehicle_gateway_AERIAL_WG.pdf (2.0 MB)

We also did a poll to select the next topic:

Non-Autonomy packages UAV 0
Aerial Robotics Simulation 1
Messages standards for UAVs 2
Safety and Management systems 0
Legality and airspace access 0
Hardware, Components, and Dev kits 1
Aerial vehicle types 0
Planning in 3D 2
Any more? say in the chat! 0

We decided to go for Message standards for UAVs, since we talked about it a bit during the Q&A of this meeting.

We will have a summer break now and come back on the 16th of August. Have a great summer you all!

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