ROS News for the Week of January 22nd, 2024

ROS News for January 22nd, 2024

Our January Gazebo Community Meeting is next Wednesday. We’ll be discussing simulating drone inspection of wind turbines

Our ROS Meetup in Singapore happens next week. They’ve got two great speakers lined up.

Photonics West is next week in San Francisco. If you live in the area and do perception work I encourage swinging by. It is free to walk the floor. Phil from OpenCV and myself are going to head over on Tuesday if you want to meet up. We had two perception related news items from this week: ROS 2 Package for RICOH THETA Omindirectional Camera and Allied Vision now officially supports for ROS 2.

Gazebo classic is going end-of-life in less than a year. Please help us help you by taking this Gazebo EOL survey.

The one and only @smac just released his new SMAC Planner paper.

I said I was going to release the annual ROS metrics report yesterday but I had a couple of things come up. There’s some big news in there, so I think it is best that I wait until Monday. Does any one want to guess what ROS distro is currently the most downloaded? Maybe we can all put in our guesses for the most and least downloaded active ROS distros.




ROS Questions

If you have a minute please help out the community by answering some ROS questions on Robotics Stack Exchange.


I would guess Humble for the most downloaded distro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guessing that people are making the jump to Foxy from Noetic.

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