Cross compile with toolchain file

I’m using meta-ros which works great !
The next step for me is to cross compile my catkin_ws without bitbake. I want to use the toolchain.cmake file and cross compile my complete workspace. Has anyone did this before?

Best regards Hunk

Hi Hunk!

If you succeed with cross-compiling your catkin_ws please drop a line to this thread about your experience.


Hi Hunk, hi Dima,

The bitbake cross-compilation tool provides an option to build a complete SDK for cross-compiling. For this to work, the setup in meta-ros must be changed in a few places, so that the SDK support also works with the catkin build tool; this is however some non-trivial engineering work. I believe some users, namely dominiquehunziker (that is his github name), had this working in the past, but we did not merge that in mainline repository. Currently, there is some effort by Minipada to revive that effort, update the past state and try to merge this into the mainline repository. It will however be still quite some work and needs some time. The current pull request #492 points to the latest discussion. The title should not confuse you, being able to compile on the target is a simpler task than the SDK support, but when we changed meta-ros so that we can compile on the target, we hope that we are step closer to the SDK support as well.

Of course, any help and assistence is highly appreciated, even if it just testing it on other machines and with another slightly different setup.


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