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Yocto SDK for ROS1 melodic

Hi all,

we are starting to integrate the ROS layer to our Yocto build system of the company. Since our process is to provide a SDK to our application developers which can cross compile their applications suitable to the target boards which we are supporting, we are facing a problem to integrate the catkin toolchain into the Yocto SDK. We are using the ROS1 melodic version in the meta-ros branch dunfell. Using the popultate_sdk to our target it didn’t integrate the catkin toolchain at all. We bbappend the catkin recipe with the extension BBCLASSEXTEND=“native nativesdk” which builds the toolchaininto the SDK, but we are facing the issue that the paths to the catkin toolchain are not working if we source the environment script of the SDK as described in the Yocto manual. But anyway I am not sure if this is the correct way to integrate the catkin toolchain into the SDK.
So basically:
Is there a documentation/manual to integrate the catkin toolchain into the Yocto SDK? Are there any solutions? Did somebody tried it and get a positive result?
Thanks for your help in advance!

Best regards,

Daniel Costa-Behrens