Delevoper for UGV autonomous navigation (UK)

We are looking for a contract developer/freelancer to work with us developing autonomous navigation to our ground vehicle platform. The desired solution is not totally autonomous and more navigation, repeatability focused.

Our UGV systems work in an environment like no other, giving us real world challenges to solve, sometimes on the fly… or within a quick development cycle.

Ideally looking for a contractor/freelancer which could turn into full time as the product develops, we are located in Surrey and Oxford UK, location is not a major but being in the Uk would be a great advantage.

If you’re interested and would like to know more please send me a message.

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@moco_g Could you please post the company name / website so the community can better understand what you are looking for / what they would be working on?

The project sounds interesting. Lets talk about it. I am based in Germany. If you want, you can connect to me on LinkedIn.

Hello, sir
Is this position and opportunity still open?