"Deterministic" navigation in ROS

It’s very early days still, but we just opened up our in-progress “traffic editor” for this type of thing. Documentation is currently non-existent, publicly-viewable examples are not there yet, etc., but it’s coming along.

You can specify a floorplan image, draw lanes on it, trace the walls if you want, and then export the path data to YAML and/or a simulation model for Gazebo. The GUI is built using QtWidgets in C++ and saves all the data to YAML. The exporters are Python scripts.

Again, it’s just a work-in-progress in a public repo, not a polished product. But I think this style of robot operations is becoming a common use case in many domains, so hopefully the editor can become useful.

This is just an editor for these paths; it doesn’t touch the problem of actually following them with real robots.


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