Development topics for Aerial Robotics - Simulation


As a part of ROS-Aerial, we’re starting a simulation subcommittee. Let’s use this thread to continue building on existing projects that can be relevant, and we can work on any new features/packages that can help to push out well-documented, open-source simulation capabilities for aerial vehicles.

Some useful links:

  • One of the threads on the ROS-Aerial simulation can be found here. Assume this thread is a continuation of that.
  • Landing page for the simulation subcommittee. Feel free to add your name in the list here if you are interested in being a member.
  • Discord thread for the simulation subcommittee.
  • Previous meeting on the topic of the simulation in ROS-Aerial wg.

Prior research on simulation tools (WIP):
The list might not be complete. If you see any errors or missing components or have any suggestions, feel free to open a PR or comment on this post.