September 2023 Meetings Aerial Robotics

New month new Aerial ROS meetings !

Meeting link
Also see the community calendar

We will be discussing about Hardware, Components and Dev kits. I know that we selected Simulation last time… but unfortunately it will be unclear if I will be able to lead that meeting, and I’d like to be able to be a part of the simulation discussion. So that is why I selected the second voted option which is hardware, which @mrpollo will lead, such that we can save simulation for the discussion meeting after. I promise that next time I’ll honor the democratic process :grin: but as a make-up here is a recording of ICRA’s 2023 workshop about aerial simulation.

(ps: we now have a channel in the open robotics discord server called #cwg-aerial. This will be good for announcement and sharing as well. )


This thread by @botmayank also have a couple of good question that we can use for todays discussion. See you all later at the meeting!

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Here is Wednesdays recording!

With accomendating slides, transcipts and chats:
Aerial Robotics WG Meeting September 2023 - Meeting #1.pdf (184.8 KB)
snn-qapb-obz (2023-09-13 16_03 GMT+2) - Transcript.pdf (161.1 KB)
snn-qapb-obz (2023-09-13 16_03 GMT+2).pdf (46.9 KB)

Next week I’ll post the announcement for next meeting in 2 (1.5 now) weeks!

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Hi all!

We will have another scientific/presentation meeting next week!

Meeting link
Also see the community calendar

We will have a presentation about the Duckiedrone! The folks of Duckietown will present about this latest addition to the Duckiefamily, where they will explain a bit about the software, hardware but most importantly, about the groundbreaking education framework they have build in the background such that schools and universities can teach robotics and navigation on actual robots.

We hope to all see you there!


Here is last meeting’s recording! Thank you to Duckietown for the interesting presentation!

Here are the slides, transcripts and chat from the meeting

snn-qapb-obz (2023-09-27 16_04 GMT+2) - Transcript.pdf (175.0 KB)
snn-qapb-obz (2023-09-27 16_04 GMT+2).pdf (33.9 KB)
Aerial Robotics WG Meeting September 2023 - Meeting #2.pdf (193.4 KB)
Duckietown Sky - Duckiedrone - ROS Aerial meeting - 20230927_reduced.pdf (2.0 MB)

Next meeting will be on the 11th of October, which I’ll announce in a separate thread. There was no poll this time since we pushed a previous selected topic to the upcoming meeting. The topic for discussion meeting will be Simulation.