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New category for "training and education"

Dear all,

I was wondering if we want to tunnel discussions on ROS training and education (like announcements of trainings, questions with regards to new hardware platforms for education, etc.) in a new category called “training and education” similar to “jobs”?

examples of postings for such category would be:

what do you think?


Very well deserved IMHO!

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Completely agree @ThiloZimmermann! As you already listed the centers (and many more in pipeline), the community is growing and a separate category would be useful.


I agree, this would be very helpful.

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This seems to make sense. People looking for resources for learning about ROS are a distinct subset of the community. And often they will have recently joined so an area where they can quickly find announcements about learning resources would be valuable to them, and it is also a place to point people who are outside the community to know what would be available if they wanted to learn. And on the other side the power users don’t find these announcements useful.

@ThiloZimmermann or anyone else, could you propose a Title and About blurb for the category so we can review it here?

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This will be very helpful of newcomers. I recently had a complaint from a newcomer to the ROS community. He said “I don’t know where to start?” This category will be the entry door to ROS. Good suggestion @ThiloZimmermann.

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Excellent idea! We will definitively contribute to such category from the ROSIN project.

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Title of new category:
Training & Education

This category if for trainers & teachers of ROS as well as for “newbies” interested in training and education activities with ROS. We hope this becomes THE area where you can quickly find announcements (of trainings, questions with regards to new hardware platforms for education, etc) worldwide for people looking for resources for learning about ROS - no matter if you are an experienced programmer, have recently joined the ROS community or are only a visitor from outside the community.

Spoiler: If you are an power user and not are giving trainings or classes, then you might not find these announcements useful, thus this is an separate category.


I strongly agree with this proposal, looking forward to adding this category. Thanks @ThiloZimmermann

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Thanks @ThiloZimmermann for writing that up and Dave for the review. It seems to fit well with what we’ve discussed above.

Unless there’s any more suggestions I’ll plan to deploy this at the end of the week.



Announced: New ROS Discourse Category: Training and Education

Sorry for being late, we at The Construct, we also support this category, of course!

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yes! we need this, so much need for it

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