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New category for ROS-Agriculture

With this post I would like to request a category be created for ROS-Agriculture (ROS-A).

Similarly to #autoware, #carma and #ros-industrial, the ROS-A community would like to join other ROS users here on ROS Discourse as we feel this is an ideal way to foster interaction and cross-community pollination ( :honeybee: :stuck_out_tongue: ).

ROS-A has traditionally been using Slack for casual conversation, “face to face” chats and impromptu discussions about the software we use, Github for design discussions and for tracking of work and development progress, its website and wiki for information about the community and its longer term goals, and Zoom for its frequent community meetings.

Like #autoware, we’d like to find a balance between Github, Slack and Discourse for hosting working group discussions, community meeting announcements and design discussions and direct our community members to ROS Answers for support and diagnosis of problems.

We believe we have (more than) a critical mass of community members and would therefore like to request the creation of a new category.

As stipulated by How to propose a new Local User Group, some more information on the proposed group:

  • name: ros-agriculture (or agriculture if preferred, the brand is “ROS-Agriculture” though)

  • language: English

  • the “blurb” for the about page:

    Welcome to the ROS-Agriculture Discourse category! This is the place for ROS-A discussions, announcements and interaction with ROS (1 and 2) users in agriculture wherever they are. Any and all topics related to the use of ROS in agriculture are welcome here (including navigation and localisation in open fields, vinyards and orchards, identification and localisation of crops and plants, manipulation, closed-loop control of drones for crop-dusting and many more).


@ROS-A @Pedro_Machado @marioney @c_h_s @msadowski @mterzer @tcchiang

I’d really like to be added to the ROS-Ag slack.

A new SIG datasets group is now active and WE NEED YOU. Please join us on our ROS-A slack -> #sig_datasets. Start here

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Please register in

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Good news, let’s go for it.


Great contributor

February 19







Awesome will do thank you Pedro!

It may help increase communication between groups.

For example. This company makes a small Ag Utility cart that uses ROS. They are looking for other companies to make ‘smart’ rosified attachments. What standard would we use to communicate between a ROS system on an attachment and ROS system on a robot? Would there be multiple channels? (.ie wifi and CANbus)

Has this been solved in ROS Health, with multi-manufacturer robotic hospitals? Or Autoware with vehicle to vehicle communication?



Love Rabbit Tractors! ROS2 DDS is what Changi General Hospital uses? Eclipse Cyclone DDS runs on FreeRTOS on $10 32-bit micro controllers if that’s interesting.

Most V2V efforts have depended on DSRC/WAVE via 802.11p obsolete 25 year old WiFi variant. It wasn’t being much used so FTC asked for their spectrum back. NHTSA responded with “Wait, hold on! We’re about to do something big with it … stay tuned!” … but didn’t

I think the critical mass is indeed here. As someone who has been on the ROS-Ag SLACK for close to a year I think having a category here would be interesting for extending discussions to a wider audience and help with discoverability :slight_smile:


Definitely a must in Discourse. Giving my support for this category.


@gavanderhoorn thank you for opening this thread.

I believe there are quite a lot of individuals who are enthusiastic in favor of ROS development in agriculture. In fact, many of them have already flung themselves into it. However, due to a lack of common channel, greater integration might be halted.

Thanks to @droter, ROS-A has already been put in place. We just need to increase the visibility and effectiveness of development cooperation. A category for ROS-A is definitely a good starting point for open and back-and-forth discussions and interactions.


I fully agree, the creation of a category for ROS-A will help a lot with the users that are already involved and to reach those interested :slightly_smiling_face:


ROS-Agriculture is a really interesting and promising category. It will give a further boost to the R&D in Agriculture Robotics :tractor:


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I have created your category here:



Thanks @Katherine_Scott :+1:

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Thanks :mechanical_arm:


Hi Pedro! I’m having a bit of trouble finding the registration section of Is registration still open?

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