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Display 'Continuous Integration' badge on

Hi everyone!

In order to get more input on a recent pull request, I’d like to start the discussion here as well.

The idea is to display a badge on rosindex package pages that illustrates the status similar to the one currently displayed on wiki pages.
Here is a screenshot of the current PR:

Information shown on mouse-over / hover / as tooltip:

What I would like to know is
(A) everyone’s opinion :wink:

(B) how to deal with packages that don’t have a devel_jobs/.../results.yaml on the doc server - which are quite a lot.
The wiki code just seems to give them a CI badge anyways.
I thought this was a bug / missing feature and made it look for the api/.../manifest.yaml .

What should be the expected behavior for packages that are on the build farm and have build success or failure recorded in their manifest.yaml , but no results.yaml for their repo?

Right now, the flow is:
(1) check for manifest.yaml (package-base)
If none is found, show “No CI” bagde.
(2) check for results.yaml (repository based)
If none is found, show simple CI badge with no additional information.
(3) parse results.yaml for additional information and display extended badge with test results if available.

Please let me know your opinion.