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Next ROS Quality Assurance Working Group February 2020

Dear all,

The ROS Quality Assurance Working Group will take place 2020-02-05T23:00:00Z. The meeting agenda below:

Two ROS 2 initiatives have been merged recently thanks to the effort of @max-krichenbauer and @tfoote . I suggest to discuss the impact of these tow initiatives and how we can leverage them to enhance quality.

  1. CI Badge for ROS2: The aim of the badge is to display the test results of the CI service. This objective is to encourage maintainers and packages authors to use the CI service and write more tests. This is the link to the pull request which shows examples of various scenarios.
  2. Pull Requests review: Max @max-krichenbauer suggested to make contributing more obvious and visible to community members via the package webpage in the He suggested to add a “Contributing” sections to ROS 2 packages webpages with tiles to link to the lists of PRs and issues that requires help. This is a link to an example and this is the link to the PR.

I also suggest to discuss pending initiatives and how we can accelerate their implementation.

  1. QA Dashboard. Link to the pending PR.
  2. Code review for ROS 2. Link to the pending PR.

Conference details:


Perhaps we should add this paper to the agenda for the next meeting: Guidelines on how to architect ROS-based systems


Has the QA WG discussed/reviewed the proposed REP-2004 previously?

Also where I could I review previous WG meeting notes?

Yes, we discussed it briefly last month. All our meeting notes are available here.

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I missed yesterday’s meeting, but was the guidelines paper discussed already? I think it’d be really cool to have @iivanoo as a speaker for the regular presentation slot in an upcoming meeting.

No the paper was not discussed. Happy to invite @iivanoo for a talk in April.

Thanks for inviting, I will be glad to present the guidelines in the next meeting.