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Doc jobs failing in buildfarm?

I noticed that lately all my packages reported a failing doc job. Looking into the job (e.g. Ndoc__ur_client_library__ubuntu_focal_amd64 #5 Console [Jenkins]) didn’t get too much light into the problem for me. However, I noticed, that the last successful documentation job (Checked Mdoc and Ndoc, seems to be 19 days ago with many failing jobs in between. Arbitrarily picking some of them seems to show the same problem, so I assume, there’s a general regression currently?

Sorry, if this is a duplicate post, I couldn’t find any record on this, though…

Looks like dot / graphviz is missing from the build container.

That was my first impression, as well, but then, looking e.g. at Mdoc__srdfdom__ubuntu_bionic_amd64 #6 Console [Jenkins] it shows the same failure without complaining about dot. Besides, the documentation in my builds seems to be generated and synced to the doc server.

This has been resolved. More information is available in this ticket:

Related that repository is now the best place for reporting issues with the Open Robotics hosted infrastructure.

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