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Melodic sync job failed

For anyone not mailed by the buildfarm about this: it appears the sync job failed for some reason last night.

My CI jobs started failing one-by-one as (among others) ros-melodic-catkin can’t be installed in jobs testing against the ros-testing repository.

The debs appear to be there though.

It looks like there was an issue with the gpg key verification for the repository index generation.

As the console output mentioned it didn’t finish the export so the repo was expected to remain in the state it was before, so you’d see older packages in the index, but the newer packages might have already been dropped into the pool so a proper installation will generate checksum errors.

I reran it without a problem just now. Mrel_sync-packages-to-testing_bionic_amd64 #544 [Jenkins] hopefully that will resolve the installation issues.

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It actually failed with “no installation candidate” or "package cannot be downloaded.

I also expected it to fall back to the older packages, but that didn’t seem to happen.

The buster job seems to have failed with a similar error.

Hmm, I think the job does a sequence of operations and if an earlier one fails like in the noetic buster case (the removal before the replacement) it can end up with an empty repo. There’s new noetic packages on the way which means that the job’s already queued for a build. When the rebuild is complete for noetic buster it will rerun the sync.