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New release of the ros_buildfarm package (version 1.3.2)

I have just released version 1.3.2 of the ros_buildfarm package. I want to highlight a few items from the changelog:

  • update to latest versions of Jenkins plugins (e.g. Groovy 2.0)
  • fix using latest Ubuntu Docker images which don’t have locales installed anymore
  • improve reconfigure jobs performance

Happy Building!

Can you tell me if still should be able to setup master/slave. Or do you have some insights on the current relationship /buildfarm_deployment <-> /ros_buildfarm.


While that repository is used to provision the buildfarm machine it hasn’t been actively used for a long time. Initially we have provisioned the official buildfarm with those scripts but since then we have only updated it but never used the code to provision a new buildfarm from scratch.

Currently there is some work in progress to update the deployment code to use Xenial (rather than Trusty): The PR is in progress though and I don’t think it is ready to be used as-is at the moment (but hopefully soon).

There are some (minor) issues with the deployment scripts and puppet files that make them not work oob, but those can be addressed / worked around. I have a fork that at least works for me. You can take a look at it and see if there’s something there you could use.

The work by Steven to migrate everything to Xenial is shaping up nicely. He’s done a good job of cleaning up the puppet files adding proper modules and refactoring.

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OK thanks I will have a look at it soon. I noticed the workarounds one has to do to get it working but was wondering if I somehow managed to cause them by myself or if it was in inherent problem. Thanks for the quick answers!