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Does Anyone Else Want a Search Engine Package?

I am making a ROS package which would fetch information for my robot and I am wondering if anybody else would need something similar. If people do, I’ll try make it useful for everyone and release it.

So the package has a node which would call APIs to retrieve information on things like the weather, traffic, random trivia, random jokes and fun facts, recipes, news, sports results, etc. etc. - basically anything that a user of a social robot would want to know.

It isn’t Alexa though, it wouldn’t have anything to do with speech recognition, NLP, intents, etc. - it would just provide information to the rest of the ROS system (which could include that kind of stuff). The node would probably expose a service and clients would specify the what data it wants in the request and would get a json back in the response. Or maybe it could publish it on a topic?

If you are interested in this, could you please heart this post? :slight_smile: If people wanted to give more information, I would love to know:

  • does anybody else have a need for it?
  • how would people like to interact with it (a service, topic, etc)?
  • what kind of information do other people need for their robots?

Thanks all!

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