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Online ROS

Announcing a new site, Online ROS ( to view, edit, compile and execute ROS code in the browser. It is also supports shared collaborative coding. This could be useful for online ROS based interviews, in teaching environments and to store complete working examples.

The site is in an alpha, proof of concept stage. I’m interested in feedback about how useful others think this would be.

The code is open source on github and contributions are welcome!

David Ball


it definitely benefits the speed-up for new users to learn the internal of ROS and get hands dirty based on the examples, generally speaking, the example code is shortage for ROS newcomers. please extend more examples covering more for the ROS internal. :+1:

It’s up again. Thanks for the notification. :slight_smile:



Since it looks like it is not working anymore, can I recommend the ROS Development Studio (ROSDS) in its place?
We built that tool to have a full ROS development environment online, so you can program ROS with any type of computer.

Additionally, we include simulations of the robots, so you can also test on the robots.
You can also share your projects, so replicating results is straightforward.

We are using the ROSDS to run online tutorials of ROS where all the attendants can follow live the exercises and do the coding together with the speaker. Have a look at our ROS Live Classes every Tuesday. You can participate too, it is completely free!


Yes the site itself is down as I have moved onto other projects. However, note that the code is still working and available as an open source alternative if you would like to self host. It’s available here:

Next steps could be to add more examples (especially ROS2 examples) and improve the user interface. These could be good student projects.


David Ball

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