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Eclipse debugging C++ ROS node which is called from launch file

Hi everyone ,

I am using eclipse to debug moveit2.
In the Moveit2 demo launch files (python):
ros2 launch run_move_group,
a lot of parameters (e.g. urdf robot models) are loaded from configuration files. These parameters are then parsed to the excutable (C++).

I want to use eclipse to debug the C++ executable. However, I cannot attach my debugger to the process as the launch file and therefore process is python based.
Also I cannot run the single executable:
ros2 run run_move_group run_move_group
As all the parameters are missing.

Can anyone recommend a work flow to debug C++ ROS2 nodes that are executed by python launch files in eclipse?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

There’s a python debugger add on for eclipse:

You MIGHT be able to start the exe with pydev and find a seam to connect to the C++ process and/or put a little python at the end of launch chain to make that easier and/or doable.

On more reflection… bear in mind I’m shooting from the hip here

Not sure how python launch processing code hands off to C++ exe. Could launch a new process and/or “exec” the new process in place.

In either event, find the launching python code and launch something on the order of

eclipse run_move_group <args…>

You can probably have python fill in the command line args. If not, you can manually copy them one time to eclipse “run args” entry. Or whatever it’s called.


sigh… I just read the Discourse rules of engagement. Sounds like this conversation belongs in Ros answers. My apologies.