Enforce HTTPS on ROS Wiki

You should enforce http://wiki.ros.org to HTTPS with a SSL certificate, I have seen a similar discussion for the discourse, https://discourse.ros.org/t/https-for-discourse-ros-org/925/6

Credentials are used to login/contribute to the wiki, Firefox is warning users that is website is not safe for credentials, which is not going to encourage people contributing :slight_smile:



You can give a try to https://wiki.ros.org.


Do you mean that you would like the http url to redirect to the https one ?

@marguedas yes, I took @VictorLamoine’s post to be a request to always enforce https on wiki.ros.org through moinmoin: https://moinmo.in/FranklinPiat/UsingHttps


Yes, I meant forcing HTTPS on all wiki pages.

We’re tracking changes to convert all of the ROS web hosting to https. ROS Discourse, ROS Answers, docs.ros.org, and roscon.ros.org have all been converted and enforce

As you can see we’ve setup the certificates and are serving the wiki over https at: https://wiki.ros.org/ But it’s not “fully secure”


This is because there was a lot of http urls for resources embedded in the wiki code. Since enabling the https serving of content we’ve slowly been resolving them and are getting close to complete. Once we have resolved all the systematic uses of http we’d be ready to switch over to https by default. We don’t want to give people a false sense of security.


If anyone would like to look into resolving any of these outstanding resource references a pull request at https://github.com/ros-infrastructure/roswiki would be appreciated. I think there’s just a few macros and the search bar that need to be updated. Once those are resolved we can flip the switch and enforce https.

There are also instances of user content that is http that needs to be resolved too: image But that will need to be a community effort to update as well.

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Hello there. I am have recently begun working on projects with ROS. I am going through the wiki pages to learn stuff and I should appreciate the work done the community to make this wonderful place.
Regarding this issue, can you give some direction on what should be done more to resolve this? I looked up the referenced Github issue and I don’t see any recent headway.