First explorative meeting Aerial robotics

Hi all!

Based on the previous discussion thread it seems that we have quite some people here in the Aerial Vehicles group! Let’s plan a meeting to discuss some of the topics and if we want to do regular meetings?

I have a proposed time and agenda, trying to keep in mind other ROS workgroup meetings and since most that replied are in Europe or USA:

Tuesday 21th of March

Meeting link with google meet:


  • Introduction: Our motivation to outreach the ROS 2 community.
  • Discussion: Motivation to use ROS for aerial robotics?
  • Discussion: Let’s hear your use cases
  • Discussion: Current solution for ROS 2 integration? What is missing?
  • Next Steps: Would you like to participate in recurring meetings?

Any comments about the topics?

And also give a comment / thumbs up if you are interested in joining


I’m available, and have reserved time from my calendar to join you, it would be great to meet the rest of you.

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Hi Everyone,

I am also interested to join, added the meeting to my calendar.

I would also like to ask for the meeting to be recorded, in case someone cannot join due to conflicting meetings.

Kind regards,

I’ll see you there! In the past week, I’ve been working on MicroXRCE DDS in the context of Ardupilot. This evening, we reached proof of life communicating Ardupilot SITL and ROS2 Humble on Ubuntu 22.04 host OS. Happy to elaborate more at the meeting.


Did you add the link to meeting ?

Interested In attending. ROS2 is important to me.

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I’ve just added it! I just wanted to make sure first that the date doesn’t conflict anyone but it seems it doesn’t.

This date suits me well, i will attend too :slight_smile:

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I will be attending as well.

Point to mention, Due to daylight saving time change in USA is on 12th March an in Europe its 26th March, The ROS calendar is showing the meeting time 3.00pm-4.00pm instead of the 4.00pm-5.00pm (Paris/CET) when I add the event directly from the ROS workgroup meeting calendar to my calendar.

ROS workgroup meeting calendar is on PDT (time at Washington DC)

refer this for time comparison on 21st march 2023

Yes, you are absolutely right, thanks for the headsup. I indeed just noticed it myself. It’s not the most ideal days for me as a templexic person :grin:. I will change the time in the original post to 15:00 / 3 pm for CET time.

Also @RFRIEDM and @TheFlyingZephyr, be aware if you are in Europe of the time change.

Sorry sorry, we are going the change the time again… 7 am is just to early for the folks on the West Coast, so it will be bumped up to 8 am. For us in Europe it will be changed again from 3 pm back to 4 pm, which is less of a drastic difference right?

Anyway I’m hoping that this is enough time notice with 3 weeks ahead, and I promise this will be the last change :sweat_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:


See info above and the ROS event calendar will soon be updated.

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Just a reminder, tomorrow we will have the meeting!

Curious how many people will show up! Those are a lot of thumbs up :grimacing: :grin:

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So in approximately one hour we will meet in Mind that the meeting will be recorded upon request.

Looking forward to talking to you all!

Hello @KimMcG , will it be possible to record the meet? I won’t be able to make it this time. Thank you.

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Hi all! Thanks you so much for joining. About 30 people showed up! I’ve got the recording right here for you, together with the slides + notes and chat questions.

So the next step is to let it marinate a bit, and that we start to write a proposal for OSRF for a workgroup. I’ve got some travels up myself so it will more likely within the next few weeks, but we’ll start a discourse thread once there is a draft so you can share feedback or pitch in.

aerial_robotics_meeting_1_slides_notes.pdf (212.8 KB)
Aerial robotics ROS meeting_ (2023-03-21 16_05 GMT+1).pdf (46.9 KB)

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