January 2024 Meetings Aerial Robotics

Hi all! I hope you all had a great Holidays so far! :santa: :christmas_tree:

There is an meeting planned for the 3rd of January on the ROS community calendar. I was thinking about just doing a small update meeting but but since it is quite close after the holidays, many people are probably away and I haven’t seen much activity on the channels so there is probably not too much to update about. So therefore…

The meeting of 3rd of January is cancelled.

Next meeting is planned on Wednesday 17th of January, but the topic is still TBA, so I’ll announce it the week before.

Have a great new years eve everyone! :sparkler:


Thanks, Kimberly and Happy New Year!!! :clinking_glasses: :star2: :fireworks: :sparkler:

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Hi all! Now we are far enough into January so the next meeting is still on!

Meeting link meet.google.com/snn-qapb-obz
Also see the community calendar .

So we will start with a discussion presentation first, talking about the plans for the new year and how we can setup the meetings from now on. This will include the discussion on potential development goals and how to facilitate for committees in this sense (we can give a suggestion but of course please pitch in). Also we will take a look at the current state of the documentation on the aerial robotics landscape and see what info is still missing in order to make it more complete.

See you then!

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Hi all!

The recording of yesterdays meeting can be found here:

Here are the files that come with it:
Meeting Jan 17 2024 - Slides (300.1 KB)
Meeting Jan 17 2024 - Chat (35.1 KB)
Meeting Jan 17 2024 - Transcript (158.8 KB)

Next meeting will be on Wednesday 31th of January with a presentation about the Crazyflie by me! I’ll update the meeting details next week.


Hello @KimMcG I missed last couple of meetings. I am interested in simulation and indoor nav committees.
I have couple of questions but I will prefer to ask during next meet rather than here.

Hi! no worries:) You can also ask some questions on discord if you prefer. Next week I’ll also share a separate form so that people can indicate their interest of joining a subcommittee as well. Currently there is interest but not really a way to ‘get people together’ so I’ll try to facilitate that asap :smile:

Hi all! Next week will have our next scientific meeting:

Meeting link meet.google.com/snn-qapb-obz
Also see the community calendar .

The topic will be about the Crazyflie and the current ROS development going on within the Crazyswarm2 project. I’ll be giving this presentation and I’ll try to focus a bit on swarm communication and management here as well.

Moreover, I’ve also started a call of participation for subcommittee forming within the group and for giving the next set of presentations for the scientific meetings so please fill it in if you are interested in contributing!

Hi all!

I’ve decided to change the topic for my presentation this Wednesday. I’ll still be talking about the Crazyflie, but instead of swarming I’ll instead tell about the lighthouse positioning system. This is a topic that we are actually thinking about demoing at ROScon this year so it would be great to hear the interest on that.

I’ll save the swarm management presentation for another time when I’ve had more time to prepare :wink: Also I’m currently actually working on Lighthouse positioning so that is more recent in memory (and I’m really terrible at context switching). I do think it will be still useful for the aerial robotics WG nonetheless! And me or my collaborators will have a presentation about swarming another time.

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Neat! Can’t wait to learn about it. Thanks for putting this together Kim.

Hi all!

This is the recording of yesterdays talk

Meeting Jan 31 - Transcript (177.3 KB)
Meeting Jan 31 - Chat (37.4 KB)
Meeting Jan 31 - Slides (313.2 KB)
Presentation Crazyflie and the Lighthouse - Slides (2.7 MB)

If anyone had anymore questions about the presentation, just let me know here :slight_smile:

Next meeting will be planned on Wednesday 14th of February :hearts:. I’ll start a new thread about that next week.

Also don’t forget to fill in the participation form if you’d like to contribute more to the working group: