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First ROS packages on conda / conda-forge!

Hi all,

after 10 months I can finally announce that the first ~80 ROS Melodic packages are available on conda through the conda-forge channel. I have already talked about my interest in doing this, but now it’s finally “there”!

I have the ROS packages up to ros-core working on conda-forge, for Python 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7.
They are available for OS X and Linux so far. Windows support is hopefully coming soon (with the help of @seanyen-msft who has already done some incredible work to get some low level libs working on conda + Windows).

I hope I can show this to people at ROSCON as a lightning talk :slight_smile:
Many more good reasons on why this should be interesting to the ROS community are listed in this blog post:

Cheers and see you soon in Macau!


This is so exciting. There was also a recent post with these packages built into wheels/source builds compatible with pip. Glad to see more movement in this direction.

Edit: Just tried it out. Works beautifully. May solve some long standing architectural nastiness I’ve been trying to get rid of in my codebase.