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ROS packages on conda / conda-forge


Hi all,
people in the Python world (and others) have gotten used to use the conda package manager.

I think it could be an excellent venue for ROS packages as well.

Some of conda’s strength:

  • True dependency resolution with SAT solving, that makes sure that all packages have the correct packages and versions in place and
  • Built-in environment management that would make it easy to install different ROS versions side-by-side and switch between them
  • Conda ships real binaries for all major platforms (including a compiler) so it works on all Linux distros, as well as Windows and OS X
  • Low barrier of entry to package building since it’s a yaml based format that’s a lot more accessible than debian (less secure because no package signing though)

I am curious to hear the opinion of the crowd.

Also if someone else is interested in this I would be happy to team up for this.

Maybe someone knows what the best starting points would be?