Flying Humanoid Robots

In '80-90s Austin, we developed flying robots in a hacker-circle called the Robot Group. Control-wise, they ranged from early quadcopters to advanced robot blimps of varied biomorphic forms (long before Festo). One even had scanning-sonar and ran trained neural nets. Our wildest flying platform was winged humanoids, that even flew downtown because nobody back then objected.

Fast Forward to now, vast R&D and numerous DIY subcultures develop autonomous robot flyers. The Flying Humanoid niche is overdue to update with the latest capabilities. The main difference from mainstream Humanoid Robotics is mass. A flying humanoid needs to only weigh a few kilos and can be controlled more or less just like other high-DOF and drone robots by a broad standard like ROS.

Of course, an intelligent flying robot need not be humanoid in form. Many requirements of complex flight are shared across varied platforms.


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