iRUAV R&D/academic aerial robot

I made this aerial robot for R&D/Academics and my own learning.
It is to develop With ROS,.DepthAI,Ardupilot,OpenHD, RPi, UAVCAN, VIO and SLAM.
It is 1.6Kg, only 350mm and foldable, detachable motors and arms (to fit bigger ones if required). It runs a RPI4 8g with 20.04,.Noetic,Foxy, Ardupilot 4.1.5 with mavros (IMU link is tested at 100 and 200Hz)
It has Radio telemetry,wifi telemetry, analog long range video, long range control 868mhz (r9 or ELRS), Picamera NOIR, IR illuminator, UAVCAN gps, dampened camera mounts, custom case for OAK-D, can be used in a desktop with a cable and laptop adapter with full functionality. It will work in phone or computer via VNC in boot, and will accept OpenGL graphics as Rviz via VNC.
It has different versions,.with pix4, d435, nvme SSD, li-ion 2s battery for accessories, gopro like camera, white led illuminator, IR cutpi camera, 64mpx autofocus Pi camera, bigger motors arms and props, (up 40Amps).

Mavros performance at 100Hz.

I would like team with more talented people than me and do something commercial with it. But open to any suggestions.
I think it is very cool and nice, to be hobby grade, but I have other ideas I cannot do alone or without more funds, as I have not capacity to make better things.

Any chat on this will be great, I like this topic so much (aerial robotd/uavs)

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This is really interesting. I have built something similar with a Robot using OpenHD, Pixhawk and Arduino. We can connect to make something bigger. Send me a PM

PM sent, thanks by the interest anyways feel free to comment anything you want.


I sent you a PM. Kindly check and revert.