For Linux Users: Install the Foxglove Studio Snap

Foxglove is excited to announce that we’re launching the foxglove-studio snap on the Snap Store.

Get it from the Snap Store

This package will allow users to install Foxglove Studio on any Linux machine with a single terminal command.

Learn more in our official announcement below:


More of a curiosity. How did you get a snap to install on the Steam Deck? Did you have to enable writing to the read-only file system? Or did you also create a Flatpak package?

Or is the image showing your web-interface in the browser?

In either case, did you get anything working with the controller yet, or are you just using the mouse interface?

Hi @tylerjw,

Thanks for your interest in this setup :slight_smile:.

My team at Canonical managed to install snapd (thus the foxglove-studio snap and virtually any other snap) on the Steam Deck following the documentation for “Installing snap on Arch Linux”. Note that, due to Steam OS peculiar file system, we also had to bind mount /var/lib/snapd to home/snapd to get some more room.
At the moment the controller does not do anything in term of actual remote control. That would be the next logical step and any ROS stack would now be easily deployed with snap. Note that Foxglove-studio is used with the mouse interface as one would on a regular machine.

All in all this is really more of a cool PoC for now :sunglasses:.


For clarity did you use have to disable the read-only file system to install snap?

I do not think so. But let me get back to you after double checking with my colleague.

@tylerjw Scratch my previous answer, read-only was indeed disabled.

I was hoping that was somehow not the case. I’m toying with flatpak packaging to use the steamdeck without making that modification. It seems sad to disable the read-only file system only to enable another flavor packaging when the steamdeck already supports one natively.

Can you use the AUR without disabling the read only file system? If so you can use the foxglove-studio package from the AUR: AUR (en) - foxglove-studio

AUR requires disabling the read only file system unfortunately.

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