New Foxglove Extension - Joystick Panel

Hi everyone, three years ago I posted this topic and after working on it for a couple of days each year, I’ve finally made a first release of my Joystick Panel for Foxglove. You can find the repo here and below is a short video demonstration - I will be making a full “Articulated Robotics” video once I have cleaned up some bits and pieces.

You can check out the readme for a few different use cases that are covered, but the primary one is to provide an easy way to receive Joystick input from a device that may not otherwise be running ROS, and integrate that into the monitoring suite provided by Foxglove.

Unfortunately I am having some troubles running it on mobile devices (my original use case) but I’m sure I will be able to work that one out, any advice will be appreciated - Github issue here.

I hope some of you will find this helpful - I think @kneave mentioned wanting something like this?


Absolutely amazing timing, thank you for saving me a job and likely doing a far better job than I would’ve done too! :sweat_smile:

Keep up the good work on your videos too, informative for sure!

Thanks! And I should say - if you want to use it with the Steam Deck, make sure you:

  • Have it sending native controller input (e.g. with opensd)
  • Modify mapping1.json which is currently set up for a different controller (it should work without this but the display will be weird)

You absolute legend, I had no idea OpenSD existed and have been trying to figure out how to access the trackpads and buttons without faffing with remapping for ages!

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Josh! You are the man! I’ve been following/learning from your Articulated Robotics channel for some time now & just getting started on implementing Foxglove on the Steam Deck to accompany a rather large A.I. training robot I’ve been constructing for my non-profit over the past year. Thank you so much for your effort & open source contributions sir!

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