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From 360 degree sparse point cloud (lidar) (PointCloud2 msg) to depth image?

Is there any ROS package for it already? Or how would you approach this?


Some time ago I have been playing with this topic, converting pointclouds from a Velodyne to range-images using PCL.
You can find some code here (pointcloud_to_rangeimage) to get you started.
Disclaimer : It requires some extra work and polishing.


Hey Jeremie. Thanks for your helpful reply. I’m using a VLP16 (i saw the config file for a Velodyne 16 in the devel branch). Do you have by any chance a before/after shot of the latest version? I think it would be quite helpful to see what the output would look like :slight_smile:

As this topic got closed I’ve added a link to the ROS answer thread:

@tbb It looks like you got a pointer to a package that can help you.

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