Fulltime or Internship in Navigation for outdoor mobile robot in agriculture

We are Ant Robotics (www.antrobotics.de) for Hamburg, Germany - developing autonomous robots for agriculture in and are expanding our autonomy team.
Job Describtion:

  • Develop new / improve existing algorithms in the fields of perception/localization/ mapping/ control algorithms.
  • Participation in software architecture decisions regarding autonomous robots.
  • Test the implemented algorithms in simulation and on the farming robots.

Some rough requirements (not all have to check):

  • Good working knowledge of object-oriented and generic programming with C++ and python.
  • Experience with sensor data processing (e.g. 3D Lidar and stereo camera systems).
  • Strong knowledge in at least one of the fields of control planning, localization/SLAM/ perception/ navigation.
  • Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms and familiarity with ROS and PCL.
  • Knowledge of ROS/ROS2, Gazebo or simulation in general is a plus.

If this strikes your interest - please contact me via philipp@antrobotics.de

Hi @Agbots how are people supposed to get in touch with you? You don’t provide any contact information or a link to your website.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/dinesh-lama-912841103 interested