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General rosdistro PR question.

I have a forked rosdistro that I have been using to develop an automated build for opensuse

and I was wondering what would be the approved way to get that merged into ros/rosdistro?

Should I try breaking it up into smaller pieces and opening multiple PRs or would a single large PR be acceptable?

For the curious, I have been using a custom python script ( to generate spec files and to upload them to the opensuse build service where the actual building takes place.

Generally we suggest these things go to but I am going to let this slide as it relates to a non-tiered linux distro. Maybe there are a few other Suse users in our midst.

In general without seeing the diff this is an unanswerable question. In general the larger a pull request to more work and time it will take to get approved. This is a non-linear effort so in the interest of expediency it’s likely worth breaking it up into several small chunks.

However I would actually recommend submitting it as a larger draft PR to be able to get high level feedback on the change before taking the time and effort to break it into smaller chunks. This will give a chance to make sure that it’s overall structurally good, and can make sure things are consistent before getting into the individual details.

That would be great to converge with the rpm generator that’s integrated into bloom.

Scott recently announced that we’re generating RHEL RPM metadata

This work should be extendable to SuSE builds as well. If you’re building in bulk from the rosdistro for a alternative platform a tool that’s already used for Gentoo and Open Embedded is Superflore:

A new entry point could be added and this could be extended to generate rpm’s and upload to OBS leveraging the same core elements.

In the long term we’d like to not duplicate the generators between bloom and superflore and this might be an optimal opportunity to demonstrate integrating the already tested bloom generators into the superflore bulk operations processing of the rosdistro.

Ok, I can open a PR to get the process started.

I had initially looked at adding support to bloom and superflore but the work did not seem trivial. But I can take another look since that was at least a year ago.