Generative AI in ROS 2 Codebases? Oh My!

That is quite a strict, or hard to follow policy. May I apologize for the nitpicking.

While I agree on the overview:

Feedback on suggested rules on source code PRs

As I said in my previous post, I don’t really like the hard “must”. I’d agree if it had an “In general” beforehand.

Nothing to disagree on!

I think this is a bit too much. Ultimately the goal is to reduce the 2 risks posed in the overview, and I struggle to understand why this level of detail is needed.

Really? Some people commit very often, especially in development stage. This will really disturb their workflow. And if the answer is to squash the commit, then what’s the difference between squashing and only writing in the PR?

Again, I feel “All” is too strong. Sorry for nitpicking, but what about some obvious AI-assisted autocompletes? What’s the difference between it and an experienced programmer typing from habit?
Also, what’s the definition on “100% line coverage”? Does manually testing count? I’ve never had good experiences with projects chasing line coverage, especially 100%.

No objections on that.

Feedback on suggested rules on documentation PRs

Same as the source code ver., I feel “must” too strong. Especially for a documentation PR, I can see some being just as below, which I think is 100% fine to be auto-generated.

Add documentation for class/functions in file x

List of class/functions with documentation added:

No objections!

Same problems with the source code version.

Same as the source code version, no objections.

Just for one last note, if we value the maintainer’s time and sanity, the last thing we want is suspecting if the PR writer is lying (maybe due to too much procedures), or (god forbid!) a video call.
Thus I think making life easier for the people writing PRs is equally important as to make life easier for the maintainers. (Although I might be too biased :wink:)

This is a very good point!
Now that I think of it, there’s also the problem with non-native (or fluent) English speakers.
More often than not, their only choice is a translation service - which isn’t really helpful.
That’ll be a discussion for another thread, but I think we should keep in mind that not everyone is good at English. (Although like it or not, there’s always the option to ignore those people)

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