ROS News for the Week of December 4th, 2023

ROS News for the Week of December 4th, 2023

:christmas_tree: I’ve scheduled a ROS By-The-Bay Holiday Party for 2023-12-15T02:00:00Z in Mountain View. Please swing by if you can! I’ve invited @chfritz and @tomoyafujita to come and speak and I will be putting together a ROSCon 2023 recap for those who couldn’t make it to ROSCon.

It is the holidays, so some heart warming robotics news in order. Our friends at Ohmni Labs are using their telepresence robots to let sick kids visit the aquarium as covered in the CBS Evening News report. Their UV-C cleaning robots are also being used to help clean hospitals in the Navajo Nation.

Videos from the 2023 PX4 Developer Summit are now available and many of them are relevant to the ROS community, including this panel with @tfoote and @gbiggs on ROS and PX4 collaboration, and this one with @mwbb on deep learning based state estimation.

We finally have a canonical Space ROS paper that you can cite for Space ROS research! Good work SpaceROS team!

This week I found two new legged robots that I absolutely love. First, there is this “robot mouse” from TU Munich(Science Robotics Paper). Second, there is this miniature open hardware / open software RHex hexapod clone. As a rat owner, and someone who worked on RHex in undergrad, these two robots are definitely my new favorites.


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Was glad to see ROS guys during PX4 DevSummit as well! Was long awaited to see them in person! Thanks for sharing!

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