Goal start doesnt match current pose error

Hi, my UR5 hit something while executing test_move.py from ur_modern driver. After that, this error pops up all the time when I try to run the same code test_move.py. “Goal start does not match current pose”.
I think this problem arise because the driver thinks that the earlier command got executed and didn’t understand that it got hit. How do I resolve this ? If reinitialize the joints needed, please tell me how to do that.
How can I get this right safely!


Could I please ask you to not cross-post the same question to ROS Answers, Github and ROS Discourse (this post) within 24 hours?

We’re all volunteering our time here, so please allow us a little bit of time to get to issues and respond.

Cross-posting leads to split discussions in the best case, but typically to duplication of effort which is not very nice.

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sorry. I agree with you and i am deleting them. I just didnt see any activity in much of these areas and that is why i posted in new places.