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Fanuc Wrong Pose



I am pretty new to the ROS environment. I have been trying to get ROS to work with the Fanuc LR Mate 200iC we have. Everything works as intended except the pose of the robot does not match what I see on RViz. ROS communicates with the robot just fine as I can see the movement when I jog the robot with the TP. Is there any configuration that I need to do for this to work?

Thanks for any help,



We’re going to need a bit more information.

What exactly does “wrong pose” mean? If you can, make a screenshot of RViz and indicate what is not correct.

Also: how do you start everything? The launch files in the fanuc_lrmate200ic_support package set the correct configuration for all supported models, but if you’re directly using the launch files in fanuc_driver then you are responsible for making sure everything is correct.

Finally: it’s not as extensive as it should be, but the Running the ROS-Industrial programs on your Fanuc robot tutorial describes the steps that show you how to check things are configured correctly for your robot.