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HackadayPrize - Robotics Module Challenge “is the world’s largest collaborative hardware development community.”
They organized a Robotics Module Challenge as part of their HackadayPrize2018 this year.
Probably the Robotics Module Challenge will be repeated next year. Could be a good platform to promote robotics hardware projects of students, etc.

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Do you know anybody who submitted something (submission deadline was June 4, 2018)?

According to their website “On October 22nd, the top 100 projects will be sent to our expert judges who will select the top 5. The 5 winners will be announced at the Hackaday Superconference on or around November 3rd, 2018.”

@fkromer: this is a reminder to both of us/anybody, to post the winnung teams of 2018 to get a better understanding if or to which kind of student ROS projects this challenge fits…

The yearly challenge way organized the first time in 2014. But there are other categorized contests as well. The robotics category in the yearly challenge seems to be new. However the list of projects show a lot of robotics projects. The main sites of recent yearly challenges:

There are a lot of potential ROS projects (323 hits when searching for “ros”) on but probably no ROS2 projects (0 hits when searching for “ros2”) yet.

If I where student I’d love to hack around with ROS2 and HROS :wink:

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No. I don’t know anybody submitting something.

Hey @ThiloZimmermann,

we submitted to the contest the project we asked for help here:

Actually, right now we are preparing the last part for the final on 22nd October (link to the hackaday contest project)

Why were you asking, by the way? If you have any question regarding it, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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great! It would be nice if you could post the results here by then.

Why were you asking, by the way?

just general interest. always in search for good feed for my twitter account :slight_smile: