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How do you set up your environment for programming C++ in ROS

Recently I tried creating a node in C++, but so far it’s been really hard to set up vscode’s intellisense (C/C++ extension from Microsoft) to work with ROS configuration.

It took me days trying to fix intellisense, and it still doesn’t work reliably. Also, programming C++ without intellisense is quite painful.

Have you experienced something similar or is it just me? How do you set up your IDE for ROS in C++?

This would be more a question for ROS Answers, but as a quick pointer: have you tried the vscode-ros extension for vscode?

The ROS Wiki page on IDEs is a good place to start.

I like the QtCreator plugin for ROS myself.

I’m curious on how people set up their environment to work in C++ with ROS.
I have the vscode ROS extension installed, however I don’t think it provides auto complete.

Oh nice! I never saw this page.
It seems to just need a bit of tweaking; how easy was it to get the auto-complete working on QT creator?


Following our support guidelines as @gavanderhoorn mentioned the correct place for questions like this is Please ask over there after searching for similar questions that might already have the answers you seek.